About Us


Justin Morris

Justin has been in the hospitality industry for 15+ years. Starting at P.F. Chang’s in the early 2000’s he began a journey that would lead him to open 13 stores as a corporate trainer and eventually move up the ranks to become a Culinary Partner in the Southeast Region. After a 9-year career at P.F. Chang’s, Justin took a chance on a new venture in 2014 and moved from the southeastern U.S. to Northern Colorado to help start a new company called Fins Concepts. As an Operating Partner with Fins, he was integral in the company’s growth from 3 to 10 locations during his time there. Helping develop everything from training programs to new menus Justin was able to put to use all of the skills he obtained in his career thus far. After 5 years of high-level operations management and ferocious concept growth, Justin brought his skills to a new company in Raleigh, NC. Oak City Group was founded in 2019 with Justin as the Executive Chef and Operations Partner. Over the next year, Justin oversaw everything from a 3-day rock festival to several new concepts he helped create in downtown Raleigh. Unfortunately, Covid-19 and the George Floyd riots took their toll on the inner city, and the businesses were forced to close.

Justin’s career highlights include: 21 new facilities opened as part of a corporate management team, constant process improvements throughout his career, building and maintaining relationships with 63 individual vendors, as well as having one of the highest employee retention records in the industry. 

When not working Justin enjoys time with his wife Brittany, and two daughters Everly & Sadie. He is also an avid hunter, fisherman (southern style, not fly, someone can teach him), and bogey golfer. He has an insatiable passion for food and all its facets & art forms and he’s never met a stranger. The hospitality business is in his blood and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kenny Wagner

Kenny Wagner was adopted from South Korea and raised in Louisville KY.    He has spent over 20 years on different levels of the hospitality industry and was also able to attain a degree in Communications from the University of Louisville.

Throughout his career, Kenny has traveled across the country opening and developing management, hospitality teams, and locations for large and small corporations.  During that time, he has opened 11 restaurants.  

His most recent tenure was with Fins Concepts, an Idaho based company, for the past 5+ years.  Being an Operating Partner in the Concept, Kenny moved to multiple markets for purposes of developing management, staff, foster relationships with communities and corporate purveyors.  3%-9% growth YOY was the average amount of progress at each location he participated in.  He also developed 10 people into management/partner status during that time.  Kenny also opened the most recent and most successful location in the history of the company in Idaho Falls.